SendToPager Messaging Suite

SendToPager is a suite of messaging tools, to ease your business and personal communication. Through SendToPager you will send messages to pagers or cell phones with ease, quickly and effectively.

Now you don't have to manually dial numbers, open Service Providers web sites or even use your cell phone, just type in your message and SendToPager will send it from your PC to your friends and collegues!

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WorldTime Clock

version 2.8.1

WorldTime Clock is a universal time-keeping utility, providing PC users with the most accurate time by synchronizing with atomic time servers and displaying local Time and Date in any Location (or Timezone) around the world.

These functions along with build-in scheduler, customizable look-and-feel and compact size make WorldTime Clock a must-to-have application for those users, who have friends, family or business affairs around the world.

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Alchemy Plugins

Alchemy Eye is a network monitor that continuously monitors network server availability and performance. In the event of network errors, Alchemy Eye can alert the network administrator by cell phone or pager BEFORE problems get seriously out of hand. This helps protect your company's data and reduces the likelihood of costly network failures. If a server goes down, Alchemy Eye automatically notifies the network administrator and writes a detailed log file.

Alchemy Plugins from EffTex are enhancing Alchemy Eye functionality and will enable network administrator mobility with the same control on the network!

Alchemy Alert Plugin is an add-on notification module for the Alchemy Eye network monitor. This plugin provides a gateway to communication service providers such as pagers or cellular phones via SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol), TAP/IXO (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol), SMS (GSM Short Message Service), E-Mail, Direct and ARC (Automatic Response Center) Paging.

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Siemens SMS Plugin is an add-on notification module for the Alchemy Eye network monitor. Plugin is sending monitoring alerts via Short Messages (SMS) to the administrator cellular phone using Siemens GSM phone connected to the monitoring server.

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Network Tools

version 1.0

Network Tools is a suite of visual network utilities to replace many of the standard network utilities, bundled with your OS.

Network Tools utilities have graphical output, present coloured results and support clipboard functions.

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Reporting Engine

version 1.1

The Reporting Engine is a development library, which offers report-printing functionality for your applications. You will be able to generate reports quickly and easily, preview or print report images and export the data to the disk.

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