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Alchemy Alert Plugin v2.1

Alchemy Alert Plugin is an add-on module for the Alchemy Eye (Pro) and Alchemy Network Monitor (Pro) software (Network Monitor).

Plugin provides a gateway to communication service providers such as pagers or cellular phones.

Alchemy Alert Plugin is a software that can only be used with
Alchemy Eye (Pro) or Alchemy Network Monitor (Pro)

Alchemy Alert Plugin Features

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Alchemy Alert Plugin is capable of sending monitoring alerts to the administrator pagers or cellular phones thru the following protocols

Internet protocols

  • SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol)
    Connect thru the Internet to the Service Provider's SNPP center and transmit a notification message thru the SNPP protocol

  • E-Mail
    Connect to the relay SMTP server and send an e-mail to the pager or cell phone thru the Service Provider's e-mail gateway

Modem protocols

  • TAP/IXO (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol)
    Make a call to the Service Provider's TAP center and transmit a text or numeric notification message thru the TAP protocol

  • Direct Paging
    Make a call directly to the pager and dial-tone a numeric-only notification message

  • ARC Paging
    Make a call to the Paging Provider's ARC (Automated Response Center) and dial-tone a numeric-only notification message

Mobile protocols

  • SMS (GSM Short Message Service)
    Send a Short Message to any cell phone thru the mobile phone (one or more) connected to your PC

Installation Guide

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  1. Download the Alchemy Alert Plugin installation package Alert.ZIP or unzipped installation file InstallAlchemyAlert.EXE

  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP archive into any temporary folder

  3. Start InstallAlchemyAlert.EXE from temporary folder or directly from our web site to automatically install Alchemy Alert Plugin and follow the instructions on the screen

  4. Restart Network Monitor so it will detect new Alchemy Alert Plugin

  5. Configure Alchemy Alert Plugin and start receiving monitoring alerts on your pager or mobile phone

Important Notes

  1. For the plugin to properly function you will need at least one Windows modem installed and connected to the PC where Network Monitor is running (for Modem protocols) or a permanent Internet connection (for Internet protocols)

  2. You must run installation process under the same admin account, which you have installed Network Monitor from. Otherwise installation will NOT be completed

If you wish to uninstall Alchemy Alert Plugin from your computer select Uninstall Alchemy Alert shortcut from the Start / Programs / Network Monitor / Alchemy Alert program group.

Alchemy Alert Plugin Configuration

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  • Start Network Monitor

  • Open Preferences dialog selecting the File / Preferences menu item

  • If the plugin was properly installed you will see the "Alchemy Alert" tab on the dialog right-hand side. If there are many tabs use the arrows in the top-right corner to scroll

  • On the left-hand side of the Alchemy Alert Preferences dialog you will see the list of four major items grouping the preferences

  • General Preferences

    You may define the Logging Level for the plugin while it's working. The following levels are available {None, Errors Only, Normal, Debug}. We would recommend that you set the Normal Logging Level for normal operations or the Debug Logging Level, when you encounter any difficulties and you would like to report these to us.

  • Protocol Preferences

    For all protocols you need to:

    • Enter the number of retry attempts and timeouts between the two attempts

    For each Modem-based protocol you plan to use you need to:

    • Select one or more of the installed Windows modems you want to be used for notification purposes.
      If you select multiple modems the Plugin will try to establish connection with any of them, trying each sequentially

    For the E-Mail protocol, if you plan to use it, you need to:

    • Enter the SMTP Relay IP address/name and the IP port to connect to

    • If your SMTP server requires authentication, please enter the User Name and Password

    • Reply-To e-mail address of the administrator, whom the Service Provider will send delivery receipts to

  • Provider Preferences

    Before sending notification alerts you need to let the Alchemy Alert Plugin know the parameters of the Provider serving your pager or cell phone:

    • Enter the Service Provider Name

    • Select one of the Protocols, supported by the Service Provider

    • Configure the provider-specific parameters:

    Access Number

    The Access Number setting is applied to modem-related protocols (ARC Paging & TAP/IXO), when the plugin first connects to a Service Center and then transmits the message.
    The Access Number must be entered in Canonical or Direct format

    Connect Pause

    The Connect Pause setting is applied to tone-paging protocols and defines a pause after dialing is complete and message tones generation have begun, because it is not possible to detect when the B-party answers


    The Password setting is applied to the TAP/IXO protocol, when the Paging Provider requires special authentication before the message transmission.
    Usually the '000000' default password is accepted

    Domain Name

    The Plugin automatically constructs an e-mail message of the "From", "To" & "Body" fields. The "To" field is concatenation of the Contact Number and Provider's Domain Name.

    Port Speed

    Select the appropriate model of the mobile phone connected to the server, the COM Port where phone is connected to and the appropriate Port Speed to communicate with the phone.
    Please note, that some phones (Nokia, for example) require a special COM-port driver being installed.

    Server Address

    The SNPP terminal IP address or host name

    Server Port

    The SNPP terminal IP port number. By default, all SNPP terminals listen to the 444 port

    The Alchemy Alert Plugin is delivered to you along with preconfigured set of Service Providers world-wide. It is most likely that you will find your Service Provider in this set, otherwise you would need to configure it manually. To do this correctly, please, contact your Service Provider to get the appropriate settings!

  • Address Book

    All monitoring alerts are delivered to the administrator's number stored in the Address Book. Add one or more addresses of the administrators intended to receive monitoring alerts:

    • Enter the Name of the Address entry. The Address is uniquely identified by Name

    • Select one Provider from the Providers list to define the service provider serving this Address. All messages addressed to it will be sent through this provider.
      You may assign different providers to each Address individually

    • Enter the Number of the pager or cell phone, whom messages should be sent to. When the Number is used with Direct Paging or E-Mail protocols, it must be entered either in Canonical or Direct formats. When the Number is used with ARC Paging or TAP/IXO protocols, it can be entered in an arbitrary format

    • To create a distribution list you need to enter the semi-colon separated list of address names (from the Address Book) in the Number edit box.
      Example: John;Robert;Thomas;
      If you want to specify the number explicitly instead of the address name please add '#' character before the number.
      Example: John;#9876543;Thomas;
      Please note that semi-colon is required after the last entry!

  • The Alchemy Alert Plugin is now configured and you may close the Preferences dialog by clicking the OK button or you can save the changes by clicking the Apply button

  • If you click Cancel the changes you've made will not be saved

Server Properties Configuration

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  • Create a new server in Network Monitor or select an existing one and open server properties selecting the Server / Server Properties menu item

  • In the Actions root item of the server properties dialog select the "Alchemy Alert" item

  • Select the Address from the Address Book of the administrator intended to receive monitoring alerts

  • You can override global conditions of notification: receive when server is waking up and/or going down. Check or uncheck the appropriate check-boxes

  • You can also override messages to be sent when the server state is changing - use the appropriate Notification fields. If you would like to use messages generated by the Network Monitor system leave these fields blank

  • The Alchemy Alert Plugin for the selected server is now configured and you may close the Server Properties dialog by clicking the OK button or save the changes and leave the dialog open by clicking the Apply button

  • If you click Cancel all of the changes you've made will not be saved

  • Save the changes in the servers list

Frequently Asked Questions

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[Q] Alchemy Alert Plugin does not send monitoring alerts. What is the problem?

[A] There are many answers to this question. To pick the right one, please set the Logging Level to the "Debug" and follow these steps:

  1. Check the PAGING.LOG file if it contains "Notification action is started" reports. If not, please, check the Network Monitor alerts generation setting. Open the Preferences dialog and on the Logging tab check the "When to notify" setting:

    • "Notify about server state changes only" does not generate alerts every time, only when the server goes down or up for the first time, all subsequent checks will not be reported

    • "Notify about all server events" generates alerts every time, after the server is checked

  2. If you see "Notification action is started", check if not all the notifications were ignored. If so, please check the server properties, if the plugin is configured to transmit alerts when the server is UP or DOWN

[Q] What is the Canonical and Direct number formats?

[A] The number can be entered in one of the following two formats:

  • Canonical format +C (XXX) YYYZZZZ, where C is country code, XXX - area code, YYYZZZZ - phone number
    Example: +1 (800) 7891234

  • Direct format DX...X, where D is reserved character, which marks Direct format, and any sequence of characters X...X represents the number
    Example: D7891234

[Q] The message seems to be transmitted without any problem, but is never delivered. What is the problem?

[A] The Alchemy Alert Plugin does not connect to the pager or cell phone, working thru the Service Provider. We recommend the following:

  1. Double-check that you have entered all the information from the Service Provider correctly or contact it to get the correct information

  2. Some Service Providers can assign a second identification number in addition to the Phone/Pager Number. It's usually called a PIN and automated messages should be delivered to this PIN instead of the regular number. Please contact your Service Provider to check if this is true

  3. Contact our support team, we will try to investigate the problem as soon as possible and recommend what to do



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