The Reporting Engine is a development library offering report-printing functionality for your applications. You will be able to generate reports quickly and easily, preview or print report images and export the data to a disk.

To distribute your application, Reporting Engine has compact, run-time features. To enable seamless integration of the library into your IDE, wrapper-classes are available.

Using the Reporting Engine you will reduce project completion time through easier library integration than with traditional enterprise reporting systems, independent report creation allowing for faster reviewing capabilities than IDE built-in reporting components and the ability to deliver compact run-time.

No Fees for Unnecessary Features

  • Your task requires presenting reports in simple table format, so there is no need to pay additional fees for graph designs

  • If your data-storage is proprietary, you should not pay for data retrieval options

  • Despite its low price, the ApplyIt! Reporting Engine provides a complete set of functions to present simple and fast reports

  • The evaluation copy of ApplyIt! Reporting Engine is fully functional, and is limited only in its convenience level for the end user.
    Try it for free to see whether ApplyIt! Reporting Engine can help you achieve result faster and easier

Easy to Use

  • Simple and intuitive API to manage your reports (see ANSI C and C++ interface specifications)

  • You can create and modify reports without having to recompile projects

  • The report definition file is based on an open architecture approach. We use a de-facto XML standard, not a proprietary code

  • In addition to a full set of documentation you will receive absolutely FREE:

    • Examples and templates for report definition to help create reports faster and easier

    • Real code examples of how to build reports into your application - simply install Reporting Engine, compile and see how it works!

  • You can build reports into your application, developed in your favorite IDE (Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi)

Easy Product Distribution

  • Reporting Engine run-time (DLL) is very small in size, only about 100 Kb unpacked

  • There is no additional configuration or registration that is required by the end user. No additional components (COM, ActiveX, etc.) will be added to the userís system, and no per-user charges and licenses will be incurred

  • Your customer is able to modify layouts of your reports without having to refer back to you!

Registered Users Benefits

  • For Registered Users we guarantee technical support with an initial response time of 24 hours

  • Registered users will receive free product upgrades

  • Once registered, the registration reminders and notes will be removed from the end product

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