Network Tools is a suite of visual network utilities to replace many of the standard network utilities, bundled with your OS. While these utilities have only console output, Network Tools utilities have graphical output, present coloured results and support clipboard functions, what can be very useful for system administrators and users.

Coloured Output

Network Tools utilities have log window with rich-text capabilities. Successfull results or any error are highlighted, so you will easily notice results without necessarily thorough reading all results, unlike you do when using standard network utilities.

Clipboard Support

Network Tools utilities have full support of the clipboard functions:

  • Select part of the log text or whole log text

  • Copy selected log text into clipboard and paste it anywhere

  • Clear log, when needed

You can access these function through an application menu or toolbar as you prefer.

Most Frequiently-Used Tools

Network Tools suite offers visual replacement for most frequently-used standard network utilities:

  • Network Ping to replace standard ping.exe

  • Network Trace to replace standard tracert.exe.

Take a quick look at the utilities screen-shots.

Registered Users Benefits

ApplyIt! Software offers you a free 30-days trial period to evaluate Network Tools and if you are satisfied with your evaluation, you can become a registered user.

  • For Registered Users we guarantee full technical support within 24 hours

  • Registered Users will get new versions for free

  • Once registered you will never see again annoying nag-screens

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